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Hearing Coach – for complete peace of mind

By using a Hearing Coach you can have peace of mind that each individual exposed to excessive noise at the workplace as well as during recreation, will receive the knowledge they need to conserve their hearing.

1. Personal Noise Exposure Measurements

    Your Hearing Coach will supply individuals that work in high noise areas for prolonged periods with a dose badge to accurately measure their daily exposure levels. In conjunction with the information from a current noise survey, an accurate risk assessment can be made in the form of a risk profile.

    Acoustic Analyzer
    Miniature, hand-held, sound measuring device with a wide range of measurement methods, shown in a full-colour display.

    The dose badge
    Miniature dose meter that is pinned to the collar. Unlike the classic dose meters, there are no cables or operating buttons. The dose badge is operated from the Reader Unit by means of an infrared connection. The advantage of this system is that the personal noise exposure for several individuals can be measured simultaneously. Dose badges can be hired from HearingCoach.

    • Several individuals can be tested simultaneously
    • Small, light, compact, and can be attached close to the ear
    • Easy to operate (on/off via remote control)
    • No cables or operating buttons
    European Standard (DIN EN 61252).

2. Personal Risk Profile:

    The risk profile is the concluding part of the risk analysis. Based on the level of exposure (Lex, 8hr) and taking into account the employees’ age and sex, the risk of hearing loss during their active working lives is calculated and shown as a percentage. The Risk Profile is also a useful tool for informative purposes because it shows the risk of noise-induced hearing loss. This will motivate employees to use their hearing protectors properly and consistently.

3. Assessment of personal Hearing Protector

    In the HearingCoach programme only 'HearingCoach approved' hearing protectors are used. These meet the most stringent quality requirements and have a separate test canal so that the fit and noise reduction level can be verified while the user is wearing them (see MIRE and ACU).

    The MIRE (Measurement In Real Ear) Check:

    This device is used to verify the actual noise in the ear behind the hearing protector and test whether sufficient noise reduction is being achieved. The hearing protector of the wearer is thus tested under a high noise load in the ear of the wearer. The performance is measured and with the Variphone hearing protector the attenuation can be adjusted to meet the necessary criteria. Important to notice as well, is that the performance is measured over a frequency spectrum to include data from 125-8000Hz. This allows the Hearing Coach to assess the performance of a hearing protector and relate it to the noise survey information in terms of the type of noise an employee is exposed to. If an employee is exposed to specific low or high frequency noise at high levels during their daily activities, the Hearing Coach can ensure adequate protection of this employee by means of the MIRE check.

4. Assessment of each individual’s outer hair cell integrity

    The OAE-gram* is especially suitable for early detection and follow-up of noise-induced hearing loss. The OAE-gram shows the level of outer hair cell damage as a percentage, per frequency (% Hair Cell Integrity) and as an overall weighted average (OHC Damage Index). This is an essential element of a preventive hearing care policy.

    * It is only possible to make OAE-grams with the HearingCoach OAE equipment and Hearing Coach is the first to offer this unique ability and it is only possible with the Hearing coach OAE equipment and software.

5.Individual and group training and education sessions

    - Group Coaching

    - Individual Coaching

    Our services are based on annual on-site visits. All hearing protector records are entered into our central database and access to authorized personnel is granted for review and auditing purposes. All other test results are available in printable form for individual record keeping as well. The cost per individual to have the complete Hearing Coach approach employed at your workplace is $ 85.00. A small price to pay to ensure that no employee is at risk to develop a noise induced hearing loss.

    Ear-O-Tec takes care of all your hearing conservation needs.

    Call us now to book your Hearing Coach! Tel: 08 9278 2498 or email us: info@earotec.com.au

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