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Most motorcyclists need an earplug that is comfortable to wear under a helmet for prolonged periods, but at the same time, a plug that will not block out all the noise and isolate the wearer. Ear-O-Tec has a custom solution that offers comfort, durability and filtered attenuation.

Official measurements show that the safe noise exposure limits are exceeded regularly and that motorcyclist may be unaware of the risk to develop noise induced hearing loss.

The biggest problem for motorcyclists is the wind noise and not necessarily the noise generated by the engine. The noise measures +/- 90 dB at 80 km/hour, +/- 94 dB at 100 km/hour, +/- 98 dB at 120 km/hour and at a speed of 140 km/hour it can increase up to 102 dB. The noise level is influenced by the type of the motorcycle and helmet. Off course the duration of the exposure also influence the overall effect of noise on hearing.

The Moto-Flex is a custom made hearing protector manufactured from flexible silicon. Wearing comfort under most styles of helmet is guaranteed. The Moto-Flex also offers a filter that will provide the necessary protection against wind noise.

Call Ear-O-Tec for an appointment to have your ear impressions taken and your product will be sent to you in a handy carry pouch with a wax removal tool and instruction leaflet. Cords are optional and provided at no extra cost.

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