Hearing Protection - Industrial - Noise-Ban


Custom made safety products do have a number of advantages a opposed to universal products. The NoiseBanę provides an excellent fit for optimum wearer comfort. The attenuation can be set by selecting a filter which can be inserted in the specifically designed faceplate which also functions as a hand grip.

Due to its robust design and simplicity the NoiseBanę is extremely user friendly. Available in various colours and it can be supplied with an optional cord and clip to prevent loss. These hearing protectors are delivered with a durable pouch, cleaning cloth and earwax remover.

Process flow

Technicians are available for meeting at a location convenient to you. After an ear inspection, ear impressions can be made which are used in our laboratories for the manufacturing of individual hearing protectors. A second visit by a technician is necessary for the fitting and check-up.

  • Fixed attenuation: 20/30dB filters
  • Durable acrylic
  • Comfortable: custom made
  • Various comfort and colour options
  • On-site impression taking, fitting and training with limited down-time
  • Easy maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Bi-Annual monitoring
  • Cost: $271.50 (volume discounts apply)

Noise-Ban PDF

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