Maintenance - VARIPRO Hearing Care Program

Variphone Hearing care program

Despite the fact that noise induced hearing loss still ranks in the top 3 of occupational illnesses, research has proven that most personal hearing protection products fail to protect as expected.

The 'real life' performance of these hearing protectors shows a negative deviation from that which have been laboratory tested to gain approval for product standards.

Only by a comprehensive hearing care program can the battle against noise induced hearing loss be won. The ‘Varipro©’ hearing care policy provides the solution.

What does the Varipro© program offer?

The Varipro© hearing care program is a preventive hearing care policy with focus on the assumption that the chance of noise induced hearing loss for an individual can be reduced to an absolute minimum. It is primarily an active hearing care policy with regular monitoring and service checks of all the factors that can influence the efficiency of personal hearing protection.

As a bonus there is a status report to the employer, continually updating data that has been entered in our central database during the period of care. These reports keep management informed and in a sound position to audit the status of hearing protection in their workforce.

Every participant will be supplied with a pair of comfortable Variphone® hearing protectors. The unique 2-canal design of this custom made hearing protector allows for fast and effective quality controls and check ups on a regular basis.


Every participant will be well informed on the harmful effects of noise. They will receive the instructions on the correct use of their custom made hearing protectors and will be educated about their own responsibilities.

Annual Monitoring

The Variphone® hearing protectors will be checked regularly (usually annually) on wearing comfort, leak tightness, attenuation and the frequency of wearing. All tests will be done with a calibrated digital measurement device (ACU - Attenuation Control Unit)

The Variphone® hearing protectors will be cleaned ultrasonically.

Central database

All relevant data concerning the Variphone® hearing protectors and their user will be entered in a central database. In this way a historic overview will be collected on the efficiency and effectiveness of the hearing protection. Regular status reports will keep you informed.


If a agreement for the Varipro© program is signed and annual monitoring is performed, Ear-O-Tec will cover 50% of the cost for replacements due to loss or damage.

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