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This dual purpose key ring is a worthy investment for any DJ, clubber, live music enthusiast, bar worker or sound engineer. The three indicator led's simply and clearly show you the noise level that you are exposed too. Included with the key ring is an interpretation guide, which indicates the noise level, action you should be taking and the level risk it is posing to your hearing. DJ’s, engineers, bar owners and professionals are able to monitor the sound levels of a venue or system with ease, and those experiencing the music from the consumer side will be able to gauge how safe it is to be hugging that speaker! The SoundCheck can be left on your key ring and a noise level indication taken discretely without attracting attention. Whilst the sound check is not sold as a full sound level calibrated measuring device, it will provide subtle first level awareness of the sound at that moment of measurement, making itself a useful little tool that does not attract too much attention!


  • Led noise level indicator key ring (pocket size)
  • Easy to use (includes interpretation key)
  • Accurate indications (+/-3dB)
  • Weight: 0.2kg (including packaging)
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Power: Batteries Included

Three indicator LED’s simply show you the noise level. Point the “SoundCheck” microphone opening at the noise source. Press the blue button and read the result from the LED’s that are illuminated:

  • Green: Flickering = 55dB
  • Green: On continuously = 60dB
  • Yellow: Flickering = 75dB
  • Yellow: On continuously = 80dB onset of 1st action level. Employer must advise an employee that they should use hearing protection.(85dB)
  • Red: Pulsing slowly = 100dB beyond 2nd action level (90bB). Employer must enforce the use of hearing protection
  • Red: Pulsing rapidly = >100dB (dangerous)
  • Red: On continuously = >105dB (very dangerous)

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