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Varicom: 2-way communication and hearing protection

Microphones for use in noisy places have always been a headache for acoustic engineers as the microphones cannot distinguish between the ambient noise and speech and therefore amplifies all sound. If placed close in front of the mouth, they pick up a great deal of "ambient" noise, as well as sounds that come from the wearer's breathing. Throat microphones are noisy, too, and not ideally intelligible. Both types can be a nuisance to the wearer and interfere with other equipment. The Varicom© consists of a custom made earpiece with a built-in high profile miniature microphone and speaker. All the electronic parts are imbedded in the earpiece and thereby insulated against the environmental noise. This leads to exceptional speech intelligibility in noise. The Varicom© proves to be not only a good communication system but also an excellent hearing protector as it is manufactured from an ear impression and thus an excellent fit is guaranteed.

The Varicom© connects via a PTT (push to talk) interface to most common 2-way radios. The beauty of the system is that a boom microphone does not get in the wearer's way and can be worn with other protective head wear. When talk back is required a push on the PTT switch will activate the microphone inside the earpiece, which picks up the vibrations from the voice in the ear canal, and sends it via the radio to the receiving destination. This way of communicating is called ‘ear speech’ and is an excellent means of communicating via two-way radio in high-noise areas.


  • Wearer comfort
  • User friendly
  • Optimal speech intelligibility
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to combine with protective clothes and/or gas suits with breathing apparatus
  • Compatible with a large range of 2-way radios
  • Hands free use


  • Average amount of attenuation: 27 dB (1 KHz)
  • Adjustable attenuation optional


  • Various colours
  • Soft canal tip
  • Budget earpiece for one-way communication


Intrinsically safe:

  • EEx ia II C T6
  • EEX ib IIB/IIC T4 (Tüv 01 Atex 1680)

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