Communication - Full Duplex - Wireless Ear

Wireless Ear

When discreet communication is essential, we offer a special device 'Wireless Ear'. Audio signals are sent through an induction loop and picked up by the induction receiver integrated in the ear pieces. The induction loop is worn around the neck under clothes and therefore not visible. Each earpiece contains a battery to power the built-in amplifier.

The induction loop can be connected to several audio sources, 2-way radio, wireless phone, mobile phone with or without a discreet microphone (note: a PTT button is required to use the device in combination with a 2-way radio). This ‘Wireless Ear’ is available in 2 different models, standard or miniature.

Please contact your local Ear-O-Tec technician regarding the different options available.

  • Discreet, reliable communication
  • Custom made
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Integrated volume control or an integrated squelch

Wireless Ear PDF

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