iEar 1, 2 or 3 Driver Custom in-ears

Professional ‘single driver’ custom in-ear monitor

The iEar-1 is a broadband in-ear monitor with dynamic sound production reaching high professional standards. Due to the perfect fit and leak tight seal in the ear canal, the ES1 reduces the background noise by 26 dB. A perfect choice for ‘live’ performance without additional ‘on stage’ monitors.

Built to the same standards as the ES2, the single armature iEar-1 offers performance, comfort and excellent sound fidelity. Custom made to fit the ear, the iEar-1 provides over 25 dB of ambient noise reduction and offers great sound quality for the budget minded musician or motorcyclist.

The iEar-1 is compatible with your iPOD, iPhone, CD, DVD and MP3 players that connect with a 2,5 or 3,5 mm jack plug. It is available to use in one ear or both ears. The iEar is provided with a durable cable, storage pouch and wax removal tool and is available in a range of exciting colors: Blue, red, green black, orange and yellow

  • Balanced ‘single driver’ system
  • Frequency response 40-16000Hz
  • Impedance 25 ohms
  • Sensitivity 114 dB/mW
  • Attenuation 25-26dB
  • Various color options
  • Storage container
  • Single or both ears

Full concha ear impressions required

iEar-2 Professional ‘dual driver’ custom in-ear monitor

Custom made to provide an exact fit to the ear, the iEar -2 provides over 25dB of ambient noise reduction. The dual balanced armature design provides exceptional low frequency response, clear mids and sizzling highs that allow artists or engineers to shape the sound of their personal preferences. Designed for the most demanding artists, the iEar -2 must be heard !

iEar-3 Professional ‘tripple driver’ custom in-ear monitor

Custom made to provide an exact fit to the performer’s ear, the iEar-3 is the world’s first three-way in-ear musician’s monitor. Providing over 25 dB of ambient noise reduction, the iEar-3 provides the clarity required for live performance punctuated by sparkling highs, smooth mids, and deep lows.

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