Comfy Max

The Comfy Max is Ear-o-tec’s premium grade soft silicone custom ear plug.
The Comfy Max will be leak tested by a certified technician to ensure that it meets a 100% leak-tight seal using the the Variphone verification system.  As standard the Comfy Max is solid plug without a variable filter, however the Comfy Max can also be fitted with a steel filter (after fit-testing) allowing for a selected attenuation level of 34dB, 30dB or 18dB.  Soft silicone products have a reduced life expectancy of 2-4 years when worn daily. 
  • Optional cord
  • Selected attenuation filters (34dB, 30dB or 18dB)
  • Comfortable custom fit
  • Durable, quality, heat cured silicone