Noise Clipper

The Noise Clipper is a set of custom-made earplugs with fixed filters from 25dB to 34dB attenuation. The Noise Clipper attenuates all frequencies in the hearing spectrum and is more active in the high tones. This unique ability enables the user to have communication in a noisy environment while being protected against hearing damage (both TTS & PTS).

Most conventional designed "one size fits all" protectors lead to over protection and associated isolation and lack of communication. The tailor made Noise Clipper with its professional service package overcomes these limitations and controls sound to enable communication. Each Noise Clipper can be leak tested in the wearer’s ear to ensure that no sound can pass the protector and enter the ear – thus ensuring that the only sound that enters the ear is through the calibrated filtering device embedded in the Noise Clipper.

Bulk orders for whole of site fit-outs only.

Main Features:

  • Durable (virtual unlimited life)
  • Communication ability
  • Colour differentiation
  • Noise Reduction calibration (prevents over protection)
  • Comfortable
  • Cost-effective
  • No metal/moveable parts
  • Leak tested
  • No recalibration costs
  • Hypoallergenic
  • NAL tested according to AS/NZ 1270:2002
  • Annual monitoring suggested

NAL Report 2010

Noise Clipper PDF