Variphone Soft

While the standard Variphone is made from the highest quality acrylic and has an excellent record of reported comfort by wearers, a small proportion of workers are unable to wear the hard plugs.  If for any reason (for example, a distorted ear canal following surgery) hard acrylic does not suit, ear-o-tec offer the Variphone Soft as an alternative.  Crafted in our laboratory from specialised special materials, the Variphone soft offers enough pliability through body heat to help resolve acrylic-on-bone related comfort issues.  Please note that compared to the standard Variphone, life expectancy of the Variphone soft may be reduced in some cases.  


Variphone Soft is a unique generation of the most advanced hearing protectors on the market because it is the first and only fully custom made silicon hearing protection product that has a 2-canal filter module.  The module allows fast and efficient tuning of the attenuation quality controls including regular checkups.  The adjustable valve allows the attenuation to be set to reduce the noise load to a safe level. The fine tuning of the attenuation with accuracy of 2 dB, results in retaining the best ability to communicate.