2 in 1 filtered headset


Our versatile 2 in 1 headset begins with a pair of custom made moulds and a unique design that allows laboratory cast vents to be used either as a filtered sound conduit or to have sound is delivered via air tube from neck mounted transducer.

These unique plugs can comfortably be worn under a helmet with and without the sound delivery tubes. In addition to this unique feature, we also provide you with a choice of various attenuation filters that will allow you to hear important sounds such as traffic and voices whilst on the road. The headset can be connected with a standard 3.5mm connector to a variety of applications including telephones and MP3 players.

This is a cost-effective alternative to electronic in-ear devices with the added advantage of having the ability to remove the wiring and use the ear plugs as filtered hearing protection without completely isolating you from your environment

Please note that the mono sound quality may not match that of our other, high fidelity, stereo products.



  • Low profile motorcycle / racing car headset
  • In-line throat microphone
  • 18dB or 30dB steel filter for riders
  • Balanced ‘single driver’ system
  • Frequency response 40-16000Hz


RRP:   $640.00