Music Monitors

For professional musicians and sound engineers, our music monitors offer quality Knowles hearing aid receivers encased in hand cast acrylic for ultimate protection and listening.  
Our dual drivers include a pair of hearing aid receivers (speakers) in each ear for orchestral sound quality.  Each includes a receiver for a super-powered, bass boosted hearing aid acting as a woofer and a standard hearing aid receiver acting as a tweeter. 
Our monitors offer class 5 level hearing protection attenuation (at least 25 dB attenuation) and are provided with a durable cable, hard storage pouch and wax removal tool.  These are fitted with a standard 3.5mm stereo jack to also be used with your mobile telephone, lap-top and MP3 player.  
A normal ear canal will generally accommodate a dual driver system, but narrow or tightly curved canals may only fit our quality single driver system.
RRP: $840.00