Electronic Shooter’s Plugs

Our electronic Shooter’s Plug has been designed to be used in high noise environments and especially where high noise peaks may occur such as with gun use or machinery. They are available for left or right ear fitting and are manufactured from an ear impression taken at a location convenient to you.

The highly sophisticated digital audio processing used in this device has a wide dynamic range and will respond to low level signals when using a telephone or engaging in whispered conversation as well as very loud noises without saturation distortion. The plug can be used singly or in pairs where it is important that every noise detail is heard and to minimise disorientation effects which may occur when listening with one ear. If used individually it is essential that the opposing ear is fitted with a quality hearing protector such as the Variphone.

  • Volume control with output limiting
  • High attenuation (up to 30dB)
  • Flexible ear canal tip for wearer comfort
  • Ultra-fast Attack Time
  • Soft flexible canal tip
  • Lightweight
  • Average gain: 18dB
  • Maximum gain of 22dB.
  • Maximum Output SPL: 87dB
  • Equivalent Noise Input: 30.9dB
  • Dynamic Noise Compression Threshold: 70dB
  • Brickwall Limit Point: 85dB
  • Battery Life: < 80 hours
  • Accessories: Batteries, storage pouch and cleaning set