Stopgun Shooter’s Plug

This custom made hearing protection, manufactured from silicon material, has a non-linear filter that has been especially designed for impulse sound. This specialised protection is designed to restrains the impulse sound of firearms and allows the continuous sound waves and environmental sound through clearly because of the specific action of the passive filter.  The Passive Shooter's plug allows the wearer to communicate with friends, colleagues and range masters, while attenuating the worst of firearm noise.
We believe that we have the only laboratory in Australia which still hand casts and heat cures our silicone plugs.  Unlike self-curing Bio-pore silicone, our silicone is durable, tear resistant and low allergenic.
The success of the Passive Shooter's Plugis in part due to the perfect fit that also provides high wearing comfort. The hearing protector is delivered in a rigid storage pouch with an earwax removing tool and cleaning cloth.
  • Passive compression
  • Integrated impulse sound filter
  • Soft, flexible material
  • Environmentally friendly
  • User friendly
  • Several colours