Swim Plugs

Ear-o-tec offers a solution to those who need to wear swim plugs: a custom fitted earpiece.
Many regular swimmers suffer from ‘swimmer’s ear’ whereby chlorinated water flushes our natural ear wax from the ear canal, leaving the canal without the wax’s protective benefits and therefore prone to infection.  The perfect fit of our custom made swimming earpieces provides a good seal in the ear canal and blocks any incoming water. 
The custom made earpieces are made of a high shore silicone material. A soft and comfortable fit that will not shrink or harden, our plugs provide the user with many seasons of problem free use. 
We believe that we have the only laboratory in Australia which still hand casts and heat cures our silicone plugs. Unlike self-curing Bio-pore silicone, our silicone is durable, tear resistant and low allergenic.
Ideal for:
  • Older children and adults with grommets
  • Surfers at risk of exostoses
  • Regular swimmers prone to ‘swimmer’s ear’ type infections