Ear Plug Maintenance

Annual monitoring of the Variphone units are optional, but is highly recommended for the following reasons:

To comply with national and international standards, implementation of periodic monitoring tis essential to programme effectiveness. To measure the effectiveness of the hearing conservation programme, one must: 

  • Evaluate the worker’s hearing to establish whether there is any further deterioration in their hearing levels
  • Evaluate the hearing protection to establish wearer satisfaction and perceived efficacy
  • Evaluate if the hearing protection remains sufficient for the worker’s role
  • Educate, train and motivate the worker on the use of the protector and the maintenance thereof


An annual review by ear-o-tec helps meets your responsibilities:

  • The ear canal changes shape due to natural ageing, weight gain, weight loss and certain medical conditions. It is therefore important to monitor these changes and the effect thereof on the fitting of all custom made hearing protection devices
  • Monitoring for leak tight fit on a regular basis is essential to ensure the effectiveness of the product. Only Variphone has a unique test canal for this purpose and monitoring is done with our computerised Attenuation Control unit (ACU), which guarantees a 100% fit and the correct attenuation level
  • Service and adjustments are done on-site by a consultant
  • Regular monitoring and adjustment of the attenuation levels, if required, ensures optimum protection against all noise induced health risks (hearing loss, stress, workplace accidents, poor sleep, loss of concentration etc.)
  • Re-training is given on the correct use, maintenance and participation in the overall hearing conservation programme
  • Annual servicing ensures continued compliance to specifications and ongoing, optimum protection of the workforce against noise induced hearing loss.


Annual monitoring includes:

  • Collaboration with the department or person testing the user’s hearing to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and the product
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • 100% Computerized leak tight test in each ear of the user
  • Ear mould modification if required
  • Adjustment to the required attenuation level
  • Re-training of the user on the correct use and maintenance
  • Guaranteed compliance with national and international specifications
  • Data management records and reports