Hear Coach – Hearing Conservation

Hearing Coach Australia and New Zealand

Our hearing care programme consists of a complete package of services. The method is unique because new techniques and an improved understanding of noise-induced hearing loss allow hair cell damage to be identified at a much earlier stage, even before it’s indicated on an audiogram. Furthermore, the Hearing Coach exerts a positive influence on employees’ behaviour in practice. A good health policy helps a company to attract potential employees in a labour market where well-qualified workers are increasingly difficult to find. Furthermore, lower rates of absenteeism will contribute to higher productivity and profitability.

By using Hearing Coach:

  • you can reduce costs;
  • you will receive scientifically sound, verifiable and objective results;
  • you will encourage your employees to demonstrate preventive behaviour;
  • you will comply with the statutory guidelines;
  • you will demonstrate preventative practices to employees and management