Where to start:

In order to guarantee optimal wearing comfort almost all our products are custom made. Our laboratory cannot start production before they have received an ear impression. This ear impression is taken by a professional whom can visit you on-site and the procedure only takes approximately 10 minutes.

A second visit for the final control is necessary for many of our products. In this way our Variphone® hearing protectors are tested on leak tightness and attenuation using calibrated digital measurement equipment.

To guarantee the efficiency of your personal custom made hearing protectors we advise you to have them checked at least once a year. A check for wearing comfort, leak tightness, attenuation and the frequency of wearing is done. It is possible that hearing canals change in the long term (weight increase or loss of weight, age …). That's why it is important to test them regularly so that the optimal protection of the hearing protector can be guaranteed.

Our staff is equipped with digital measurement equipment which makes it possible to control the status of the hearing protector fast and efficiently (leak tightness and attenuation). The measurements are done with an ACU (Attenuation Control Unit). The results are saved in a central database and access is granted when you sign up for the Varipro hearing care program free of charge.

All relevant data concerning the Variphone® hearing protectors and their user will be gathered and stored in a central database. In this way a historic overview will be collected on the efficiency and effectiveness of the hearing protection.

Contact our team of technicians: info@earotec.com.au or 08 9278 2498.

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